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Sudocrypt V13.0

Sudocrypt v13.0 is back! The technology club of DPS RK Puram, Exun Clan is returning with its eagerly anticipated annual International Cryptic Hunt x Capture the Flag (CTF) event. In a parallel universe, a formidable creature is unleashed, threatening you. To prevent the menace from spreading to the Earth, we need you to assemble for a daring inter-dimensional mission to confront the monster.

While solving code breaking, cryptography and CTF challenges, Sudocrypt v13.0 with rebuilt and reinvented format and thrilling cash rewards starting from and going upto $600 USD (50,000 INR)

Sudocrypt v13.0 is going to be more unique than ever before. It will be a 36 hour event held from 11:30:01 PT (12:00:01 IST) on Monday, 30th October 2023 to 23:31:01 PT (00:00:01 IST) on Wednesday, 1st November 2023. is an international online cryptic hunt in which participants from all around the world compete to solve all of the levels in the least amount of time.


*Subject to change*

1st Prize

$250 ~ ₹20,000

2nd Prize

$150 ~ ₹12,000

3rd Prize

$100 ~ ₹8,000

Top 5

$25 ~ ₹2,000

Top 15

$5 ~ ₹400

Top 50

.xyz Domain

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